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Select Your Gift Card (Amazon recommended)



If you’re from the US then it’s the best option for you to buy an giftcard from any of your nearest store mentioned here: Click here to check your nearest store and send us the clear picture of the giftcard and the purchase receipt at our email ID “[email protected]”.
And that’s it, sit back & relax! Your order has been placed!

Or else anybody (including US users) can buy it online by following the below steps:

  • 1: Login/create an account at “” in 5 secs. Please change url to only if it’s anything else. Then hit “Gift Cards & Registry” option in the top.
    And click “eGift Cards” which is marked in red in the below picture.amazon1
  • 2: Choose “Standard” as the gift card design.
  • 3: Please input the order total amount (that you can see in the top) here, eliminate the decimals and round it off to the closest. So if it’s 82.77 then make it either 82 or 83. We can not accept odd amounts. Round figures are only accepted from now.amazon2
  • 4: Enter Your Own Email ID in the “To” field, and write your name in the “From” field. If you’re wondering why your own email id then read point 9 to forward the giftcard to us at the end.

  • 5: Do not mention anything in the “Message” field. Let it be empty.
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  • 6: Click Proceed to Checkout. You may have to login before paying for your Amazon Gift Card.
  • 7: In the “Select a payment method” screen, enter your card information at the next screen if it’s not saved already, add it and continue.
  • 8: Finally review and confirm your Amazon Gift Card purchase. That’s it!
  • 9: Now, you should receive the giftcard in your own email in an hour, just forward that email to our email id: “[email protected]” and your order has been placed! We will pull out your order details from the forwarded email ID.

Note: Sometimes they may ask for verification after 10mins of payment so you can just do it and then the giftcard will be approved from Amazon.


You can buy a physical Itunes giftcard
(with less than or equal to $100 denomination) and use it for your Moda purchase, just send us the clear picture of the card at [email protected] and we will process it.
We’ll let you know how much quantity can we offer for this value.


If you’re from the US, now you can buy an online Walmart giftcard in just a min from and send the giftcard to [email protected]
Or else you can even buy a physical Walmart giftcard from any store and just send us the clear picture of the card which should have the code and the purchase receipt at [email protected] and we will process the order.
If you are not getting the physical card of the exact order value then we’ll adjust that with the quantity. Per pill cost will be same so don’t worry.
Questions? [email protected]