Celebrities Who Uses Modafinil

Barack Obama Using Modafinil


Tucked away under a list of medications in the report on President Obama’s recent physical exam is this intriguing notation: “Jet lag/time zone management, direct physician prescribed program, occasional medication use.” Sleep doctors we consulted say one possibility is Modalert, a stimulant that is regularly prescribed to help people fend off excessive sleepiness.

– Barbara Kantrowitz, The Daily Beast

Joe Rogan Talks About Using Modafinil

Joe Rogan

On his own Podcast show, Joe discusses with Tim Ferriss about Modafinil and why he uses it. He says “It’s not like coffee, you are like fucking sharp as shit and it lasts for 6 hours!”

– Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

“This stuffs amazing, I took it everyday for 8 years. I started taking it as I had ‘Brain Fog’, working at a startup that we sold for $600 million, so very high performing. Your ability to focus goes way up and you just feel more like yourself.”

– Dave Asprey, YouTube Interview

Wall Street Bankers

Wall Street

“Whereas with guys on Wall Street, it’s more testosterone-fueled; it’s more just power through it.” In a conversation on WallStreet­Oasis.com titled “Viagra for the Brain,” one commenter gushed, “This is not like ­caffeine or 5 Hour Energy. This is the big leagues.”

– Robert Kolker, NYMag

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferriss talks about using Modafinil to get over writers block in his last book he wrote. In an interview with London Real he discusses the advantages of Modafinil and why Olympic athletes are using it to gain that extra edge.
– Tim Ferriss, London Real

United Kingdom Army

UK army

“One is always looking for something that would give military personnel an extra edge, she told the committee which is investigating the use of such drugs in sport.”

– Brian Wheeler, BBC News