Modafinil Prescription

Doctors help our lives in miraculous ways and we very often even see them as people who can make miracles happen. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many doctors avoid certain medicine due to unknown reasons, some just don’t like the medication or have their own way of thinking when it comes to what should be prescribed for what, and how much of it too. Modafinil is unfortunately one of the medications which some doctors occasionally find it hard to prescribe.

Thousands of people suffering from sleeping disorders and others ask themselves: ‘how can I even get the Modafinil Prescription I need?’

This problem shows up in many different ways. In some countries Modafinil is simply not prescribed in most cases, like Canada, so in that case the medical institution is to blame. A similar thing happens in Australia, where patients with disorders like dyspraxia are regularly denied Modafinil because of the general practice of Australian doctors of only prescribing Modafinil for narcolepsy, even if the disorders are similar and are both treatable with Modafinil. In other cases, like in the United States and elsewhere, it simply falls under the human factor: doctors aren’t machines as they have their own assessment of the situation and their own work methodology as well. Just like any human, doctors have a human error margin, whether it’s from a lack of sympathy or plain nonsense, doctors often refuse the medicine people need as our life is filled with bad human interactions.

Here are a few anecdotal stories for you: a patient with narcolepsy went up to their doctor asking for a Modafinil prescription to treat it. The doctor flat-out denied the patient’s request, gave them a free sample of Armodafinil instead but made it very clear that they would not be prescribing Armodafinil later on either. The patient ended up splitting the few pills into many pieces so that they could somehow stay awake the next month. The range of these stories goes up to people getting shooed away by their doctor which would send off the poor patient to a neurologist to get a prescription when your average neighborhood doctor can prescribe it, making them wait for weeks and have to pay an extra $200 for the visit.

This hassle happens and frankly that is why so many people prefer to buy Modafinil online these days. Staff at times is highly incompetent, doctors included, and it is very important that despite all of this we still go through our day. We all have the right to the right medication and just like any situation, there is a solution and in this day and age, of course it’s the internet where you easily order online, cheaper as well and you don’t need to go through the hassle and possible humiliation through some doctor that doesn’t want to prescribe it to you due to their own error, here you are in charge of your disorder, the way it should be, and we are happy to help you do that.

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